Palm Coast Democratic Club


PCDC Clubmates… every day brings more excitement! Here’s very interesting news and important events.

We had a great meeting last month. A packed audience heard from and questioned our great Democratic candidates. Stephen Sevigny (6th District, U.S.House), Eddie Branquinho (PC City Council, District 4), Jack Howell (PC City Council, District 2) and John Tipton (PC City Council, District 4) wowed the crowd with their qualifications and their future plans and policies. We also had an NPA (independent) candidate, Jane Gentile-Youd, running for the Flagler County Commission. It was a great night for our club.


Our Saturday night Grand Old’ Flag Dinner/Dance was a huge success. Over 130 guests wined, dined, danced and bonded during the celebration of our flag and our veterans. It was so emotional as we recognized vets from our foreign wars and conflicts.  These men and women gave their commitment and too often their health and their lives for us. We stand behind our flag and firmly with our treasured veterans.


An absolutely excellent candidate forum last night at the NAACP meeting. Our Democratic candidates excelled. They made their points, kept to issues and got the audience applauding. I should note that Republican candidates in the 6th District House race failed to show, being either too frightened to face the NAACP audience or fatally overconfident. Two new Republican candidates for local offices were also no-shows. What’s with Republicans? Guess they don’t need the votes. Anyway, our team was awesome and we will continue to cheer them on. Let’s give Republicans a good thumping in August and again in November.


Big news! Ryan Torrens, Democratic candidate for Florida Attorney General, is coming to Flagler County! It’s not often that a major statewide candidate visits us. And as exciting, our very own PCDC is hosting his visit. Actually, there will be two visits…he’ll march with us in the July 4th Flagler Beach Parade, and he’ll do some canvassing here on July 18th before speaking at our Wednesday, July 18th Blue Wave Action Forum. Exciting times!


The PCDC will be marching in the Flagler Beach 4th of July parade. All are welcome to parade with us. It’s fun and the crowd loves us. We’ll assemble at 9:00a on Central Ave N near Santa Maria del Mar church. We’ll decorate a bit, get ourselves lined up and off we go around 10:00a. Show your blue! March with us. Let Flagler know that we are loud and proud!


We’re getting closer to the August 28 primary. You must get out and vote! Our local elections are non-partisan. This means that in contested races a candidate can actually be elected to office with 50% plus 1 votes in August. If no one gets 50% plus 1 in the primary, the top two candidates have a runoff in November. We cannot let Republicans flood the polls and get their people into office in August. Please vote for our fine Democratic candidates. Where we have two candidates in the same race, pick your favorite and vote. Get your eligible family, friends and neighbors to the polls. And remember, registered NPAs can vote in the non-partisan local primaries.


Please put our Thursday, July 5th monthly meeting featuring 6th District U.S. House candidate, John Upchurch, on your calendar.  There is a Democratic primary race between John, Stephan Sevigny and Nancy Soderberg and you’ll have to make a choice among the three on August 28th. This is important! Come and hear John Upchurch so you can make an informed decision.


Don’t forget Our Dem websites are coming along. They’re taking a bit longer to develop than anticipated, but they’re coming online. Go to and look it over. Hit the PCDC button to see our club’s site. It’s still under development but you get the idea.


As always, we hold our Blue Wave Action Forum every Wednesday, 12:30p, at the Fair Trade Cafe. It’s a lively discussion and everyone’s welcome. It’s free and the iced coffee (not free!) is delicious.


Thank you all for being great citizens and great Democrats.