Tom Oelsner

I am a fairly new resident to Palm Coast. My wife and I moved here after spending 30+ years in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Santa Ynez Valley, around 50 miles north of Santa Barbara. I worked in the recording industry and professional audio industries for over 10 years where we supplied equipment to some of the major studios and post-production facilities in the US. If you remember videotape, we also made equipment for 3M, BASF, Sony, and others. When the industry started changing, I changed too. I went in a totally different direction: starting a manufacturer’s rep firm providing hardware for high-security applications and anti-terrorism. I did this for another 10 years or so.

I lost interest in security after 9/11 and was looking for something completely different to do. I stumbled across an ad for solar PV and thought it looked interesting. So I spent the next 10 years in renewable energy and energy storage. I am most proud of my work with Boeing while they developed their solar concentrating technology and with Southern California Edison performing the initial work to develop and implement their $500M solar PV program in 2006.