Stephanie Capehart, President

Coquina Coast Progressive Caucas

My political involvement began nearly two years ago with the 2016 Presidential election.  I quickly moved from volunteer status to a leadership role when I established the Coquina Coast Democratic Progressive Caucas in January of 2017.

I have also held the First Vice-President position in the recently revitalized Democratic Women’s Club of Flagler County.  The membership tripled in a matter of months.

I am also the owner of Wheelhouse Coaching & Consulting LLC, and as such, I provide Leadership and Commuincation Development coaching and training to individuals and organizations as well as project consultation on culture change strategies, communication, expansion, and human resource management.

My vision for the Flalger County Democrats includes four components:

  • Expanding the Democrats presence through increased community engagement, represntation in local issues, informative PSAs and more;
  • Organizational expansion with the addition of a High School Democrats Club, a Young Democrats Club, and a broader volunteer base;
  • Creating an operational structure supporting a unified message and collaborative environment; and,
  • Continuing Get Out the Vote efforts countywide through a three-tiered approach.