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PRECINCT Committeewomen and Committeemen

What is a Committeeperson?
Committeepersons are the members of the Flagler County Democratic Executive Committee (DEC).  They represent the various political precincts in the county, which is why they are sometimes called Precinct Leaders or Precinct Captains.

What does a Committeeperson do?
Committeepersons help coordinate the DEC’s campaign activities within their precinct.
These are typical responsibilities of a Precinct Committeeperson:

·       Confirm who the current Democrats are and their contact information.
·       Ensure voters’ contact info is up-to-date.
·       Ensure voters are signed up to receive the DEC emails/news.
·       Encourage Democrats to sign up to vote by mail and to keep their vote-by-mail subscription up to date.
·       Welcome new neighbors and assist them with registration and vote-by-mail.
in the DEC organization and the different clubs available for voters to participate in.
·       Recruit volunteers for campaign activities as well as anything else during non-campaign time (door-to-door canvassing, phone-calling, texting, etc.)
·       Respond to questions from voters
·       Co-ordinate with the DEC Campaign Committee to assist with campaign-related activities that should occur in all Precincts. Campaign activities could include          but are not limited to:
o   Recruitment of poll watchers and observers
o   Setting up of the DEC presence at precinct polling places
·       Attend a monthly meeting with other Committeepersons

How can I become a Committeeperson?
Inform the DEC Chair (Flaglerdemchair@gmail.com) of your interest. You will be provided an application. Your application will be presented to the other Precinct Leaders for a vote.  If approved, you will become a Committeeperson!

Click Here for a List of Flagler County Committeepersons and Precincts