Advent Hospital Flagler County

In Flagler County, our life and health shouldn’t be for sale.

It’s scary to be sick. Whether it’s a painful bad back or life-threatening cancer, none of us knows when it might be our turn. Our life and health shouldn’t be for sale.  Access to life-saving care shouldn’t depend on how much money you earn. We want to be able to take care of our families, and we don’t want to watch our neighbors suffer either. Yet right here in Flagler, more than one in ten residents have no insurance. These people court disaster every day.

When a health care emergency does strike, we want the best care we can afford. So why is Florida ranked 48th in the country for overall care? We need to improve the quality of health care throughout the County, and ensure that all of us can get the care we need.

We are ONE Flagler, and our life and health shouldn’t be for sale.