In Flagler County, we cherish our land, water, and sunshine

We all want to leave a clean, beautiful Flagler County for the next generation.  We call out divisive politicians who deny the clear evidence of climate change to promote their own economic interests. The evidence of man-made climate change is clear both from the overwhelming body of science, and from our own experience; we feel it warmer/colder dryer/wetter seasons, and we bear direct witness to more and stronger hurricanes.

In Flagler County, we call out these lies, and we are not afraid to face what needs to be done. We will address our rising sea levels, because we have to. We will cut carbon and expand renewable energy. We will protect our environment AND build economic prosperity. To suggest that we should do one or the other is a false choice, and we do not accept it that choice. Building a sustainable community takes a lot of work and creates a lot of jobs.

We will take care of wildlife, restore our threatened oceans, and clean our air, because these are things worth doing.

We are ONE Flagler and we cherish our land, water and sunshine.