In Flagler County, we stand behind our kids

In this County, we know exactly what we have to do to give our kids the best shot at succeeding. We need decent facilities, the latest in curriculum and the resources to implement it. But above all, we need GREAT TEACHERS! And that means we need to stand behind our teachers, paying them the kind of wages that allows them to focus on our kids, not struggling to make ends meet. We know that we need to fund our schools—not just to provide adequate air conditioning—but to give our kids small enough classrooms that their teachers know their names. This is not what’s happening now, while Florida’s spending per student today is 45th among the 50 states.

In Flagler County, we won’t let race divide us. Since 1990, our schools have become MORE segregated, not less, as one by one the guidelines set up since Brown vs the Board of Education in 1954 are dismantled. We demand a school system that brings us together. We believe in ALL our kids, black, brown, or white, and we know that every one of them deserves the best quality education we can afford.

We are ONE Flagler and we stand behind our kids.